Have a look at our FAQs!

Some of the common questions:

Q. Which software encoder is compatible with Video.Taxi?

Adobe Media Live Encoder, Wirecast, Open Broadcaster Software, FFmpeg, Wowza Transcoder, Vmix or any other which supports the RTMP or HLS protocol

Q. What hardware or software do I need to stream live to Video.Taxi?

Video.Taxi accepts a live stream using the RTMP or HLS protocol. This process is called encoding. You can use a software encoder or a hardware encoder. You can stream with a smartphone app like “Larix” or “GoPro”. Both are free of charge.

Q. How much does it cost?

Video.Taxi offers a 14-day free-of charge trial phase. Our plans start with monthly or annual payments for videostreaming or videostreaming + livestreaming.

Q. I don`t stream live. What else can Video.Taxi do for me?

Video.Taxi provides a “media library” where all your video content can be managed. From there you decide where you like to publish your videos.

Q. How does your automated subtitling work?

We use speech-to-text technology on a KI-based application. The audio stream is sent to the system and it converts the audio patterns into text. In a second stage the context has to be analysed and the output of words will be aligned, so the transcription makes sense. In are third stage we push the text in the appropriate subtitle format to the video player. We offer 52 languages.

Q. A free account - whats really in for me?

We grant any new user a start bonus of Euro 75,00 you can use to stream live and additional 75 Gigabyte (GB) of free bandwidth for on demand use of your recorded live stream. You are not streaming live and still want to use the 75 GB free bandwidth. No problem. As soon as you have uploaded a video or streamed a livestream, we grant you 75 GB of free bandwitdh every month. If your content reaches 75+ GB, we kindly ask you to purchase additional bandwidth.